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Viewing art has positive effects on mental health

It's no secret that the creating of art boost self-esteem and provides a sence of accomplish.

But did you know that art is scientifically proven to improve your mental health and enhance brain function? This is because of the impact on the brain wave patterns and emotions. The viewing of art causes the nervous system to raise serotonin levels causing an individual to change their outlook and the way they view the world. This means that art has an impact on everything from academics to social and emotional development. Research also shows that simply viewing art has positive effects on mental health.

Here are a few reasons to consider.

  1. Less anxiety

We live in a world fill with stress and anxiety especially in the work world. But viewing art helps to alleviate these symptoms of anxiety and depression, that being the case it's important to surround yourself with art that inspires and uplift your spirit.

2. Develop reasoning ability

Viewing art allow us to reason and analyse why? Because our brains were created to analyse things we view looking for familiar patterns. That's why it takes a while to process and "read" into the meaning of an art work but once you get it and connect to it emotional you generally appreciate it more

3. Art makes you smarter

According to the New York Times

Students who visit the museum have higher tests score, a higher sence of social responsibility and increase appreciation of art

If this is true of museums imagine what it will do in your home or office space

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