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Featured in Inside Out magazine

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

So it's been almost a year since my last post. its so funny how time goes by quickly. This year has been busy but funny not as hard as my first year of business. sometimes I feel like a little kid learning to ride a new bicycle........and yes I have fallen of several time. Well the last time I blogged I promised I would let you all know the update on how things are going. Well a highlight Abigail and I were featured in Inside Out magazine. That was very exciting for us because our at work got promoted. As for the teaching side of the business that has grown tremendously. I have gotten contract for the schools in my community 3 days a week and teach at my studio the other 2 days so not only is my schedule full but my heart is full of joy. I'm so happy that my daughter now has more than enough kids to interact with ( for those who may have read the previous article know that was the main reason why I started this side of the business) I have also had the pleasure of seeing so many children build their own confidence and continue to thrive with their own art. All in all it's been a good year. What lessons have I learned you may ask? .......... well I am still learning how to ride my bicycle I am just trying to balance my 2 wheels. I will start giving advice when I'm older:).

So as we are coming to the end of a another year I am deeply grateful to Jehovah God for what he have done. and looking forward to the beginning of another year. and no I will not wait another year before I post......... I hope

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