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How I developed my love of teaching art to kids.

For those of you who know me I have an only child and she home schools , while this has so many benefits it also comes with its challenges one of it is she was lonely especially afterschool when she was no longer occupied with school work. I decided to start teaching kids art as a way for her to interact with other kids at the studio while still be able to work as an artist While the whole idea started out as a salution for my daughter I completely fell in love with this aspect of my job.

I have seen so many benefit to teaching not only her but other kids art. one of the main one is how it really boost their self confidence and allow them to express their emotions. It has been 1 year since we started and recently had an exibition at Camana Bay for them to sell their art work. This was a real learning experience for them because they got real life experience of the businesses side of art this will be a yearly event we will do... yeah

As the years go by and as she grows i will see how this side of the businesses goes but so far I absolutely love it!!!!!

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